Base64 Encoder-Decoder

This tools encodes and decodes a string in Base64.

To encode text in base 64 enter the value in the first input box, it will be automatically converted to base64 in the second input text. To decode base64 text, copy the text in the second input text, the text will be automatically decoded from base64 in the first input box.


Text encoded in Base64:

Encoding a text in base 64 allows binary content to be transported using a method that only allows alpanumerical characters. For example it is used to encode images in emails. Each base64 digits corresponds exactly to 6 bits of the input data. Three 8 bit bytes for a total of 24 bits correspond to four 6 bit digits in base64. If the input String length is not a multiple a 24 bits, = characters are added at the end of the String encoded in base64 for padding.



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