Online MD5 and sha1 hash generator

This tools generates a MD5 hash and a SHA1 hash from a String. Enter the string to hash in the first input, the hashed value will be generated in the MD5 and SHA1 input boxes. The values are processed automatically, you can paste them or type them directly in the input box.

Input String:



MD5 is a weak hashing algorithm and can be cracked using rainbow table like with:

The sha1 hash is generated using java code running on the server, an example of the code is available at: java sha1 The same way, the MD5 hash is processed on the server using java, the code generating the hash is available in this article: MD5 java

Sha1 and Md5 are weak algorithm. It is preferable to use SHA256 or sha512 which have less probability of collition. SHA512 is a variant of the SHA-2 set of cryptographic hash functions. It generates a 128 digit hexadecimal number, where sha1 only generates a 40 digit number. Generate sha 512 using java


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